The Plug-Ins

Amp Simulators (all but class act v1 and thump v2 require an IR loader, I recommend LeCab)

These plug-ins were developed/tested on and compatible with Win7 and successfully loaded in Ableton Live and Reaper. It's possible you will have success under earlier Windows OS's and multi-track recording sequencers but I'll leave it up to you to try. I do not warrant or support any of the plug-ins as I no longer have the necessary software/hardware and equipment to test/troubleshoot.

urrth v2
 - classic clean amp that gets slightly edgy when pushed

urrth v3
 - minor eq tweaks and output volume


spaank v2
 - bratty clean amp (similar to urrth)

class act v1
 - nice tube sound clean or pushed (with IR loader)

class act v1b
 - sans IR loader

harmony v2
 - modeled after my Randall RG80ES

muun v1
 - an amp version of the funky muun effect

raaww v1
 - modeled after an old Marshall head

reecto v2
 - use active pickups and tell me what you think

reecto v2.6
 - added clean channel

tumult v1
 - weird idea about eq before and after the clipping stage

thump v2
 - a really good clean amp for bass guitar. [version 1.0 here]

bruant v1
 - class act and reecto combined. the last sim I created

Effect Pedals

howwl v1
 - overdrive

muun v1
 - subtle chorus/verb effect

vaal v1
 - volume pedal

wwaa v1
 - wah wah

Experimental Simulators(all require an IR loader, I recommend LeCab)

These were early versions which led to the more refined plug-ins available above. You may find them useful.
download vst
download vst

download vst
download vst

download vst